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Massage with herbs such as wormwood, lemongrass, ginger, eucalyptus … The herbal incense is not the combination creates a pleasant scent but also works very good for health.

Lose weight

We have a rich system of good slimming methods, slimming fast, efficient.

white bathroom

White non-peeling method bleach bath, no peeling, white helps make skin.

Amazing Services

Our service professionals and spent 10 years of experience. With infrastructure systems and professional team of doctors.

White Bath & Beauty

White non-peeling method bleach bath, no peeling, professional team of doctors helps make skin bright pink and white, just tighten pores, and remove acne.

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Face massage

This is the method of external impacts on deep inside the body, the nerves that help blood circulation and releases energy through the acupuncture points, good for the digestive system.

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With the pleasant scent of the herbs such as wormwood, lemongrass, ginger … These herbs combine to create not only a pleasant aroma, but also works very good for health.

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Skillset anti aging skin

With technology advanced skin treatments like Ultherapy, Laser Revlite, direct treatment by the dermatologist from the Master level. Many customers have achieved good results and satisfied with this therapy.

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Hi-Tech Hair Removal

What you suffer from hirsutism should not be too worried by now with the development of cosmetic science has introduced methods using high-tech hair removal will help you to completely eliminate these “micro cell hairy” appearance hate for whiter skin smooth as desired.

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Our service professionals and spent 10 years of experience.

  • Vietnamse Massage
  • Traditional Thai massage no oil
  • Relaxing Massage
Facial Treatment $
  • Aloe vera facial
  • The queen of plant essence
  • Express facial
Spa Linh Packages$
  • Green teapackage
  • Honeymoon package
  • Refreshing body
  • Menn’s Pakage

Our Experts

Proud to be a convergence of many doctors with many years of experience from leading hospitals.

Doctor Phan Tu Dung Professionals rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty procedure is performed under a separate regulation from Korea from the stage to perform examinations. At other institutions, customers typically see only the specialists to advise, but here, you will be the main specialist of meticulous examination. With many years experience and aesthetic eye, doctors will realize need.


Doctor Bui Tue Minh Dental Professionals

Doctor Bui Tue Minh graduated from college in 2001 in HCM City University of Medicine Specialized Dentistry. After graduating dentomaxillofacial doctor Tue Minh intensive study program orthodontic extensive orthodontic Progressive (California, USA). Doctor Tue Minh more customers due to the technical credibility faster braces.


Doctor Tran Hong Minh Professionals boob

Doctor Tran Hong Minh Werner graduated Medical University Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Specialization is the Cosmetic Surgery at the University Hospital of Amsterdam (1996). After graduation, he worked at the Hospital and Van Linschoten Specialisten Hilversum Hospital. In 1999, Doctor Tran Hong Minh completed.


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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage has now become a therapy, relaxation, beauty and strengthening is one of the most effective stress relief.
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Massage essential oil

Massage Oil is a method performed very gently bring relaxation to the entire body, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension as well as help the body more supple. Preference may choose…
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Herbal therapies

For centuries, herbal therapies have been used to treat many diseases. They may not be cured, but they can reduce the symptoms. For the treatment safe and effective, consult a professional herbal…
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