6 suggests a comprehensive skin care

Blue sea, white sand beckons enthusiasm, just waiting for you to come to us, confident in a bikini with a sexy body, beautiful spotless longer. Let’s “do magic” make your skin beautiful bikini area up quickly to stay ahead of the Daughter offline!


Body scrubs are the girlfriend should do periodically to help the skin becomes radiant, healthy and smooth. Exfoliating also helps improve blood circulation in the body, bringing the natural beauty of your skin.

Frequency exfoliate: If you have sensitive skin or thin, you should only perform exfoliating once a week, especially if the substance has exfoliating acid radicals. If your skin is oily, you can do this 2 times a week with physical exfoliating granules.

The skin should be noted: Focus exfoliating the skin at the back of your arms and thighs. No scrubs in the skin sunburn, scratches or open wounds.


Scar treatment

Small scars as scrapes by with a razor (over a period of 6 months) can be treated at home with silicone cream. To flatten the keloid scars, apply the cream to massage the scar and 30 seconds, 2 times 1 day, 2 months in a row.

Handling lumpy skin by subcutaneous fat

The fat mass is one of the most frustrating problems for women, and seems to have no cure, even liposuction methods. You can reduce by treatments Thermage to tighten the fat tissue.

If you want faster treatment process and only temporarily, you can use creams containing caffeine. This product will reduce the amount of water in fat cells in just a few hours and makes skin firmer.


Clear bruises
Women often have to work in the apartment, it is difficult to avoid the bruises. When stains appear, please massage them daily with anti-irritation product herbal extracts to quickly heal bruises.

During this time, try one trick that Scott Barnes makeup artists recommend us to cover bruises:

– First of all one little dab on lipstick red bruises.

– Then apply powder or cream background little more. The red color of lipstick will help reduce the dark tones of the bruises rather than you just use foundation to cover.

– Subscriptions are beyond the bruise with makeup tip.

“Extinction” Acne

Acne is the perpetrator makes the most uncomfortable girlfriend. In summer, the sweat and oil secretions more, the pores in the skin back and chest so clogged so as to appear more acne.

The best way to start the treatment steps are: Use body wash containing salicylic acid of 1.25% at least. If not effective, you apply a layer of the skin from drying benzoyl or lotion containing antibiotics.

Or to the fastest, you should use the professional course of acne treatment in the spa herbal reputed to moderate skin smooth, toned.


To feel more confident about the bikini area and sexy short skirt is waxing measures can not be ignored by women.

How long have you not to use the spa and waxing service pack (waxing). Before the vacation, a quick makeover with waxing methods can be suggested not bad. But you should remember is to choose a salon, spa reputation with the assurance of methods and services. The best suggestion is that you use the diode laser technology because it is a permanent hair removal method works particularly fast and does not cause pain and hurt your delicate skin. Then what you need to do is feel the smoothness of his skin only.

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