White Bath & Beauty With NANO technology

White non-peeling method bleach bath, no peeling, just tighten pores, helps make skin bright pink and white, just tighten pores, and remove acne and blackheads bran.

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Massage natural oils

This is the method of external impacts on deep inside the body, the nerves that help blood circulation and releases through the acupuncture points, good for the digestive.

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Herbal therapies Efficacy and safety

With the pleasant scent of the herbs such as wormwood, lemongrass, ginger … These herbs combine to create not only a pleasant aroma, but also works very good for health.

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Anti aging skin collagen therapy

Skin rejuvenation by means of stretching the skin, wrinkles and lift Ultherapy is non-surgical methods, just tighten pores and presentation. Overall solve the signs of aging.

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Hair removal No cause irritation

What you suffer from hirsutism should not be too worried by now with the development of cosmetic science has introduced methods using high-tech hair removal.

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Hot stone massage Relax body

Hot stone massage is a massage technique for nobility at the spa. People often use volcanic stones to massage because just tighten pores these rocks hold heat longer.

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